Our Services

Our services

As the sole authorized central waste reception facility operators in each NPA navigational district, our services include

  • The collection, disposal and where applicable, processing of all ship generated waste covered by the MARPOL 73/78 Regulation from ships of sizes; 150GRT(Motor Tankers) and 400GRT(Motor Vessels).
  • Collection of ship generated waste from ships under 400GTR.

Our Services UnderMarpol

Ship generated waste under MARPOL annexes collected by African Circle Pollution Management Limited are;

Oily Waste – Annex I
Garbage – Annex V
Sewage- Annex IV

Our Services to Oil Companies

Services to the oil and gas industry include;

Processing of drilling fluids, drill mud, oily waste, slops and sludge
Non man-entry tank cleaning and gas freeing service
Oily water pit evacuation
First tier oil spill response (Surveillance, Clean-Up and Recovery)
Slops collection from tank farms
Solids and liquid waste management
Collection and recycling of off spec petroleum products.

OurPartners; Affiliations

Our awesome Affiliations!

Our affilaition with Euroshore international and Nigerian Ports Authority has tremendiuosly improved our productivity and service delivery.